The Rural Policy Committee

The Rural Policy Committee is a government-appointed cooperation body and a broad network. The committee’s action programme comprises the National Rural Policy Programme. The premise for the sixth consecutive Rural Policy Programme 2014-2020 is place-based development. Place-based means that the policy and development measures are based on local conditions and strengths.

Theme networks

Seven theme networks will support the committee in the realisation of the National Rural Policy Programme 2014–2020: 
- Civic action
- Quality of life
- Infrastructure and land use
- Livelihoods and expertise
- Ecosystem services
- Sparsely populated rural areas
- Identity based network (Identitetsbaserat nätverk, IDNET)

Various experts from different organisations, from villages to the ministries, work in these theme networks.  The networks provide information on current issues in rural policy and the potential of the countryside, as well as provide support in decision-making.

The activities of these networks are open to the public, which means anyone, who is interested, is welcome to take part and bring their own contribution to the work. The networks and the Rural Policy Committee are also channels for bringing current issues in rural policy to national-level debate.

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